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How to address Pulses Crisis in India?

How to address Pulses Crisis in India? “Pulses Diplomacy and Pulses Management” Action Plan for Policy Makers By Vijay Sardana Domestic demand is out pacing the domestic supply base. Demand is about 28 million tons and supply is about 18 million tons. Few economist assume due to poverty people can't afford pulses so the actual demand is about 23 to 24 million tons. I feel poverty should not be an excuse for  justifying  demand and supply gap. poor needs better nutrition because of unhygienic and difficult living conditions.  There are few pulses which are very popular and few are less popular because of recipes and traditional uses. There are many other field crops which are used as pulse and also in may other applications. We should keep these in mind when we are planning for pulses.  There are many reasons for inflation and demand -supply gap in pulse. This can be discussed in detail separately. These issues should be address keeping 3 to 5 years’ time horizon

Why ignorant editors of foreign media spreading misinformation about India around the World?

  Rebuttal of Editorial from Le Monde Ignorant editors of foreign media spreading misinformation about India around the World By: Vijay SARDANA Techno-Legal Expert Advocate, Delhi High Court No one is keen that India emerges stronger. There is a growing trend in the western media to target Indian political leadership at any given opportunity. This week, Le Monde, the reputed French paper published an article on the expected line to target political leadership of India without understanding the ground reality as part of the agenda to defame the growing influence of India in the world. It appears that the attack on the political leadership of India is a part of a larger design. The editorial of the Le Monde is using the same language which is used by political opponents of the government and some selected media houses led by a group of people with anti-government agenda. That is why the editor failed to cross-check the facts on the ground. Let me share the facts for the benefit of the e

Why after the shocking 2nd wave of COVID-19 India will emerge stronger?

Why after the shocking 2nd wave of COVID-19 India will emerge stronger? By: Vijay Sardana History tells us India is not a country that is known for proactive planning. Look back in history and tell me, when we had proactive planning? Foreign occupation to poverty to current crisis all is the outcome of our casual attitude and reactive mindset. Unless we get a strong hit from outsiders, including terrorist attacks, biological threats, war, or natural calamities, we take time to wake up and by the time damage is done. Irrespective of political ideology, this happens because we are happy and satisfied underperformers, as a society. As a society, w e do not strive for excellence. Our political leaders believed in populism in place of excellence in governance . This breeds corruption, nepotism, and all ills which ultimately leads to painful crises. COVID-19 second wave is just the reminder of that.  At the same time, we are a very good crisis manager because once we are pushed to the wa

Why is there stagnation in farmers’ income?

  Why is there stagnation in farmers’ income? By:  Vijay SARDANA The Budget session 2021 of the Punjab Assembly began on a stormy note with opposition Akali Dal and AAP raising slogans during the address by the Governor, who said the new central farm laws do not address the problem of farmers' "stagnating incomes". Farmers should ask the right questions for a better future. Let me help through this article. Before I go into detail, let us keep in mind ultimately either consumers or taxpayer citizens because of the cost of the wrong decisions. No political party or political leader bears the burden of the wrong decision they make for their political gains. Punjab farmers should keep this in mind and ask the right questions to all because they are also important consumers and citizens of India. There is the scientific as well as the political reason behind the stagnation in income. Let me address both one by one. Scientific Reason: Unscientific Swaminathan MSP formula leadi

Hon'ble PM's Webinar on Transforming the Agriculture Sector - Strategies for Implementation

  Hon’ble Prime Minister’s Webinar on March’01, 2021 My points are given below: Transforming the Agriculture Sector:  Union Budget 2021 “Strategies for Implementation” by: Vijay SARDANA The Hon'ble Prime Minister has rightly said, we meet better approaches and out-of-box thinking in all aspects of pre- & post- agriculture production, research and management to improve the welfare of farmers.  My suggestions are focused on the way forward: Background: After 70 years, Agri-Trade is allowed to function as per the provisions of the Constitution. For 70 years, the constitution was ignored and farmers were exploited and this led to rural poverty and unemployment. Chapter 13, Article 301 to 304 days no barrier should be there in trade and commerce inter-state and intra-state. This reform is the biggest reform in human history and maybe the biggest reform that will impact the maximum number of people and their livelihood. This reform will change all key dimensions of Indian society - i